Strategic Thinking + Northlich Creativity = Elevated Results

Smart marketing strategy, compelling creative and efficient, well-planned media are the cornerstones of every Northlich campaign. As a strategic full-service marketing agency, we use our deep expertise to create rich consumer profiles, make well-informed channel decisions and identify new revenue opportunities.

The result is an elevated understanding of the people you need to reach that informs revolutionary creative and thoughtful marketing strategy.

Brand Strategy

A brand is a promise; a strategy is a choice. Our job is to help you make a clear, compelling choice regarding what your brand promises to both internal and external audiences. We use a branding approach that considers the 3Cs — the company, the category and the consumer — from which we can develop brands with ownable values, personalities and positions.

The company: We immerse our team with the company. We work to understand the challenges, the opportunities and what makes a company unique.

The category: We evaluate the state of the industry, important trends and the activities of key competitors in the space. We pin down exactly how a brand can differentiate to stand out in a cluttered category.

The consumer: We investigate the mind-set, desires and unmet needs of an audience. We leverage combinations of secondary and primary research.

Public Relations

In our omni-channel, device-led media environment, businesses and brands must evolve their communication strategies and media relations tactics to connect with diverse audiences.

The world of PR has changed immensely over the past decade. We understand brands can no longer take a one-size-fits-all approach to public relations, so we tailor our approach, keeping both traditional and new forms of communication in mind. By integrating a robust social media and influencer relations strategy, we create relevant messaging that guides our media department to macro- or micro-target your specific audiences.

Public relations and advertising are at our core, so integrated campaigns come naturally to us.

Integrated Marketing

People don’t live in singular channels; they live in ecosystems. So that’s how we think. Our creative capabilities include:

  • Advertising campaign development and management
  • Branding campaign design, development and management
  • TV/video development and production
  • Social campaign development and management
  • Digital marketing
  • Website design and management
  • Shopper marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Media placement

Consumer and Market Insights

Great insights and clear business objectives enable us to develop communication platforms that captivate audiences. A genuine insight is a penetrating, unique and discerning understanding that unlocks an opportunity. It elevates a brand above its obvious functional benefit with an emotional pull that leads to new discoveries.

We combine data from market research and analysis with an intuitive understanding of human nature. From here we craft the revealing, emotional, actionable insight we need to stimulate a strong creative idea for your advertising campaign and beyond.


Northlich is a creative advertising agency that builds seamless brand stories across traditional and nontraditional media channels. Our upfront strategy and research lets our creative team engage target audiences with marketing and advertising that inspires action.

We start with strategy, then review and conduct research to understand what channels and insights best resonate with our audience. Our media experts compare the list of high-opportunity channels to the client’s budget and craft a media strategy. This integrated media planning can include TV, radio, out of home, digital, social, CRM, environmental and category-specific channels (e.g., in-restaurant, point of care, shopper marketing, etc.).

Publishing and Content Marketing

Readers are loyal to good content, no matter what platform and channel it’s delivered on. We bring together the art and science of technology, writing and design with a focus on customer experience. Our publishing services provide expert content marketing development and innovative solutions designed to support revenue growth, showcase thought leadership and build customer engagement. Recent publications:

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