Northlich has gleaned a wide array of industry expertise over our 70 years. Our B2C and B2B marketing experts provide counsel anchored by an in-depth understanding of the landscape and unique sector-specific challenges.


Stratos Healthcare Consulting

A holistic picture of the healthcare industry and a deep understanding of healthcare's unique intricacies are critical to success — especially when you need quick results.

That's why we created Stratos, a healthcare marketing consulting group that uses behavioral health data to help our clients make better healthcare marketing and media decisions and reach their most desirable patients with personally relevant messaging. Stratos is designed to work with existing agency relationships, but can also operate as a full-service provider.


Consumer Marketing

We lift CPG brands by influencing decisions and changing behaviors, turning consumers into loyalists and advocates. Northlich builds communication strategies and experiences where people and brands can connect, engage with and influence each other.

Does your CPG or tech brand need help driving engagement, repeat purchases and loyalty? Our branding, strategic marketing and consumer advertising campaigns are focused on your business goals, rooted in data and insights, and creatively brought to life.


Food and Restaurant Marketing

We're creatives, communication specialists and media buyers, but at our core, we're a bunch of foodies. Helping restaurants and food brands become crave-able with unique restaurant promotion ideas is one of our favorite challenges.

We know competition is fierce. Brands are challenged by minimal differentiation and small margins. We help food and restaurant brands drive trial, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth and social sharing.


Financial Services Marketing Agency

Strong financial services brands are rooted in the relationships they have with consumers. A brand's internal culture reflects the service experience they deliver. We extend your go-to-market strategies into the channels and communities you serve, ensuring we target stakeholders with emotionally relevant messaging.

Our expertise as a financial services marketing partner includes banks, investment management firms, credit card services and insurance companies.


Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

Social impact is in our DNA. From state-funded health initiatives to foundations seeking to reach niche markets, as a cause-marketing agency, Northlich builds and elevates movements that trigger cultural change.

How do you get a teenager in rural Ohio to quit smoking when he's drawing from generations of misperceptions? Or convince a suburban mom to contribute funds to a drug rehabilitation campaign when she believes the heroin epidemic doesn't impact her life?

You call Northlich. Because our approach to cause-based marketing begins with a thorough exploration of your target and the cultural fabric of their lives — including what inhibits them and what compels them. These insights equip us to create unique and meaningful experiences that connect consumers to your cause, drive engagement, trigger response and change behavior.



We have decades of experience in building successful B2B branding strategies for a variety of industries. With that diverse experience comes a rich perspective on how people think and behave, whether they're making complex financial decisions, buying a machine for their company or selecting a technology solution.

Every B2B advertising program is different from a product and process standpoint, but the consideration and buying process has remarkable similarities across all sectors: After all, businesses are made of people, and we understand how and why people buy.