Rebranding for an Internal Audience

Great American Insurance Group, a subsidiary of American Financial Group, was launching a new initiative to simplify the complex world of annuities. The catch: This simplification for their customers would make employees’ jobs more difficult.

To help explain to the internal teams why this was so important, to acknowledge the paradox and to build excitement, we created an internal launch campaign. Using an analogy of a light switch, we demonstrated that simplicity (flipping the switch) can only be accomplished with the complex wiring that happens behind the scenes.

To bring this to life, we helped identify and inspire advocates who could roll out and sustain the initiative. We also created materials to be used in their office and for presentations, including an animation of a light switch. Using quotations about simplicity from well-known personalities, we created employee collateral, posters and retractable banners that drove employee engagement. The launch was well-received and the Simple initiative was deemed a success.