Cincinnati Ballet

50th Anniversary Campaign

To promote their 50th anniversary, the Cincinnati Ballet wanted to celebrate their long history of unconventional performances with a series of images that reflected their penchant for doing things a little differently. Traditional ballet photography focuses on a dancer’s ability to move her body into poses that defy gravity.

Northlich took a different approach. Rather than work against gravity, we embraced it, having dancers re-create their most strenuous poses while lying down. The effect in some images were ballet moves that could never be performed in real life and in others there was simply a shift in the relationship between the dancer’s body and the background that diverted from what the mind expected to see. Looking at ballet from a different perspective was the perfect campaign for a dance company always known for being unexpected.

The poster, print and outdoor series caught the eyes of southern Ohio ballet enthusiasts, resulting in one of Cincinnati Ballet's best seasons ever.

Rather than work against gravity, we embraced it.