Cincinnati Bell

Fioptics targets Cincinnati one neighborhood at a time.

Cincinnati Bell’s high-speed premium network product, Fioptics, is revolutionizing the way Cincinnatians experience TV and Internet.

unfortunately, only 30% of households in the metro area can access the service.

Rolling it out into an area requires a significant investment by Cincinnati Bell into the cable infrastructure of each neighborhood it chooses. 

So it is critical that as many homeowners as possible in each neighborhood sign up for the service once it’s been installed.

During the campaign period, a broadly targeted message served to build initial awareness, but the real work was done on the ground with hyper-local media tactics that reached potential Fioptics customers with messaging that resonated with where they were in the consideration process.

For example, customers in areas deemed to have a high probability of conversion were targeted with the mass messaging, but also met by the Fioptics ice cream truck — where Fioptics representatives handed out free ice cream and talked to potential switchers in a one-to-one environment.

Other potential customers were met with broader messaging in the context of their neighborhood. Cart advertising in local Kroger locations, posters in local hair salons, gas pump toppers and cinema shorts all coordinated to take the Fioptics message to the streets. 

Over the course of three months, we executed a combination of hyper-local tactics integrated within communities to educate consumers on the crystal-clear picture, high-speed Internet and multiple bundle offerings with Fioptics.

The results exceeded our expectations.

Not only were targeted neighborhoods talking about and signing up for Fioptics at a higher-than-projected rate, but nearly...

10,000 ice cream bars, Sandwiches and cones were served.