Honeybaked Summertime BBQ

We Meat Again

HoneyBaked was a household name during the holidays, but when the weather got warmer, ham cooled off. In response to their stagnant summer sales, HoneyBaked served up a line of premium barbeque and sides for all the outdoor occasions they’d been missing. It was up to us to reposition the brand and make HoneyBaked the hottest thing under the sun.

We went with a clear-cut name that
couldn’t be misconstrued:

We developed in-store standees, magnets and mats while the staff sported brightly colored T-shirts touting the new tag.

In order to reach carnivorous consumers outside of HoneyBaked locations, we passed out pamphlets and postcards that featured summertime celebrations, such as July Fourth and Father’s Day.

Promotional PR appearances aired on local stations and steered barbeque buffs to our meaty microsite.