Jefferson's Bourbon

A bourbon like no other finally brings its brand to life

It’s a boom time for bourbon — especially for the small makers. Becoming the “it” brand brings with it the promise of crazy business results.

Jefferson’s turned to Northlich with the best kind of problem: an amazing brand with a deep history already acting on a philosophy of coloring outside of the lines, but struggling to tell their story to their customers.

The most urgent need was a complete rebuild of The brand was beginning to receive international accolades for its Jefferson’s Ocean project and needed an online destination that better represented its brand.

We created a fully responsive site built around stirring, full-frame photography. The navigation was intuitive and the copy eloquently told the story of each brand. In addition, we re-created their store locator and brought to life the famed voyage of Jefferson’s Ocean with an interactive map, tracing the route of the latest batch.

Along the way, we put together the brand’s first online video, designed to evoke the art and emotion that goes into bourbon blending, with an emphasis on Jefferson’s unique ability to think beyond the traditional barrel.


Sales up 74% versus previous year

Castle Brands quarterly financial report

As a result, Jefferson’s has become a coveted bourbon brand, with its premium labels flying off the shelves.

The next batch of Jefferson’s Ocean is currently out to sea.