The Ten Movement

Giving Cats An Extra Life In A No-Kill World

Many cat owners don’t spend time or money to spay/neuter their pets. No matter how many times you tell cats to behave, frisky felines always find a way to multiply. 

The Joanie Bernard Foundation looked to Northlich for a new way to educate cat owners. We established the Ten movement to spread the word about simple procedures that do so much good. We aimed to reduce overpopulation and eliminate the kill-shelter execution of unwanted cats.

It's hip to be snipped

Research revealed that some people think a cat will feel less “manly” if he’s neutered. The absurd idea of a cat’s sexual identity became the basis of our campaign.

Instead of depressing our audience with tear-jerking ads, we created Scooter, a cool cat who lost his testicles and never looked back. The embodiment of ’70s machismo, he prowls TV, radio, social media and interactive ads to dispel neutering myths while championing low-cost spay/neuter options.