Long John Silver's

Brand Relaunch

The recession was challenging for most, and LJS was no exception. Sales and transaction counts were deteriorating, while fast-casual restaurants were rising. But what’s really fishy is that people believed to get good seafood, they had to spend good money, and this simply wasn’t true.

So how could we get this fish out of troubled waters? We gave the brand a fresh new marketing approach:

Seafood Experts for Everyday People.

You don’t need a lot of time, a lot of money or a lot of effort to get great seafood. All you need is seafood know-how, and LJS has 40 years of it.

The campaign “We Speak Fish” came to life through a new website, commercials and the Web. It featured a friendly in-store staff delivering a new message:

Long John Silver’s is delicious, casual, and most importantly, affordable.

This approach made the brand more relevant in the fast-casual market. It attracted new customers and urged existing ones to visit more frequently.

The campaign reeled in some big results:

Same-store sales increased nearly 8% after years of declining.

Promotional awareness outpaced the prior year by 36%.

Image ratings increased 11% after the rebranding.

Over 46 million unpaid media impressions in just one week.