Marco's Pizza

Rebranding Puts a Little Italy in Every Bite

Marco’s Pizza, which started as a small chain based in Toledo, Ohio, has grown exponentially and is now going head-to-head with the likes of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Domino’s. Welcome to the big leagues.

We surely weren’t going to outspend the larger brands, so we had to find smarter ways to stand out and capture market share. We began by crystallizing the brand’s positioning of “a little Italy in every bite” and bringing it to life with a TV campaign that looked and sounded like no other pizza campaign. (Many of the food shots were directed by a food stunt coordinator. Yes, that’s a real job.)

The stories on TV were also told in-store with cheeky posters. Of course every pizza place has dough, sauce and cheese, but Marco’s Pizza makes theirs in the spirit of a true Italian.

Online, we grew our social base, but not just in terms of likes and follows. Engagement is up, too. Way up.  

These are just the first steps into the future of Marco’s Pizza, and the future is looking more delicious each day.