Mercy Health Partners

"Mercy Gets Me" Brand Campaign

Real people. Real stories.

A breast cancer survivor recounts how Mercy’s advanced screening technology caught a cancer tumor so small that it would have been missed by a regular mammogram. A mom expresses gratitude for Mercy’s care of her daughter following a car accident. A man recalls how the Mercy team saved his life following a heart attack, when time was of the essence.

These are just a few of the real stories highlighted in Northlich’s branding campaign for Mercy Health Partners in Toledo, Ohio.

Competing with a marketing powerhouse

Mercy, a seven-hospital integrated healthcare delivery system, faced a number of challenges in the market, including a marketing powerhouse of a competitor that was outspending the system by nearly double. At the same time, consumers didn’t have a strong affinity to any hospital in the market. Mercy tapped Northlich to develop an integrated marketing campaign to position the system in a way that would stand out from the competition, engage consumers, and develop ongoing relationships.

Research indicated that Mercy stood out as “the regional health system that delivers the most accurate and detailed understanding of each patient.”

Based on this, Northlich created the
“Mercy Gets Me”
creative platform, which featured emotional patient testimonials about how Mercy understood their individual needs and saved their lives.