Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation

Quit Line Campaign

• Quantitative challenge: Generate 3,000 qualified calls per month to the call center from people deciding to quit tobacco.
• Qualitative challenge: Allay tobacco users’ fears of failing and of the unknown when embarking on a life
without tobacco.

• Advertising: Created mass awareness about the Quit Line and drove call volume at low cost per call.
• PR: Drove call volume by dispelling doubt and fear and creating personal connections on a more individualized scale.
• Grassroots workplace outreach: Provided employers with a meaningful smoking cessation plan — employee quit
kits — for those wanting to quit smoking and have a healthier future.
• Grassroots minority outreach: Engaged pastors in the African-American community who have influence beyond
spiritual matters, leveraging their motivation to improve the health of their congregations.
• Physician outreach: Physicians served as influencers when they were challenged to refer five smokers to the Quit
Line and to offer quit kits to their patients who wanted to quit tobacco.

• Call-volume goals were exceeded by 15 percent.
• Cost-per-call average was 13 percent lower than the goal, returning $1 million back to the operating budget.
• Exceptional quit rates: Nearly 40 percent of callers quit tobacco using nicotine replacement therapy
and counseling; 60 percent of callers to the national 1-800-Quit-Now line were from Ohio during the campaign’s run.


Nearly 40% of callers quit tobacco
using nicotine replacement therapy and counseling.