The Ohio State University
Wexner Medical Center

A great state academic medical center deserves great national recognition.

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center ranks among the nation’s best treatment facilities. Ohioans are aware of this, but on a national scale, this was not the case. So, we set out to educate the nation.

The Insight

If consumers know patients travel great distances to utilize a particular healthcare facility, it elevates the perception of the entire facility. Our approach focused on stories from patients outside the heart of Ohio. They not only speak about their experience, but also about how Ohio State’s rare and specialized procedures gave them a better life.

The campaign stretches across television, Web and print. The objective was to increase awareness so audiences would ask their doctors about the center and therefore increase the number of patients visiting from outside central Ohio.

The campaign quickly made a widespread impact, which continues to grow today.

In three short months,
brand advocacy increased 11.3%.

Most importantly, more patients are traveling to The Ohio State University and are eager to share their stories to add to the movement and help educate the nation.