P&G Puberty Education

Making Puberty Education More Kid-Driven and Fun

Always Changing® and Growing Up® is the number-one puberty education school program for fifth- and sixth-graders in the nation. The program’s largest sponsor, P&G’s Always® brand, came to Northlich with a problem: Their 12-year-old puberty education video was outdated and out of touch with today’s kids.

We immediately went to work to give P&G a video that was fresh, relevant and engaging.

We started with a simple, universal premise learned over decades of doing puberty education work: When it comes to puberty, kids have questions. They have lots of questions.

So we made the video all about them and what they wanted to know. We used a simple Q&A approach with live-action footage of kids asking questions about puberty. Then we answered those “big” questions using a combination of voiceover and engaging motion graphics. What we ended up with is a kid-focused video that’s both factual and fun.

Ultimately, we created a girls-only, boys-only and co-ed version of the video to meet the instructional needs of educators nationwide.

They are fresh, educational
and kid-driven,which is perfect.

— Mary Baldwin, P&G School Programs

The new videos are awesome!!
I can't wait to show them to our
kiddos. It's nice to have something
new and modern to show them.

— Candace, Elementary Teacher from Maine