St. Elizabeth

Extraordinary Heart Care

St. Elizabeth was concerned about losing patients to hospitals across the river. We discovered they had an awareness problem. Even though their doctors and facilities were every bit as good as those in Ohio, the vast majority of the population didn’t know it. So to raise awareness of St. E’s excellent care, we took a two-pronged approach. One part of the campaign showcases the overall heart story. The other half highlights electrophysiology and features physicians’ expertise.

We gave the great story of innovative and advanced heart care a distinct visual look that ensured it would stand out in a busy healthcare market. Using a watercolor heart lends an iconic and distinctive visual, and the technique of looking forward into time brings a powerful and positive message to life. 

The overall heart campaign asked the question: 
What does “extraordinary care” mean you’ll
be able to look forward to?

In 30 seconds, we show a woman as she experiences life’s heartfelt moments — the memories we all want to create. Her life plays out before our eyes while voiceover details St. E’s unique commitment to extraordinary heart care.

We end with a powerfully simple goal for the people of Northern Kentucky, inspired by the director of the Heart & Vascular Institute: 

Innovative electrophysiology procedures give patients a chance of living a life that isn’t restricted by trial-and-error attempts at finding a medication to control their condition. In the second spot, to convey the expertise without relying on typical images of hardworking doctors, we used an artist as the analogy for heart care that helps each patient live better and live longer. The spot represents the beginning (diagnosis), middle (EP procedure) and resolution (triumphant hospital departure) of the same patient featured in the overall heart spot.

In addition to TV, the campaign launch included radio, print, in-hospital digital signage, billboards and online banners. Out-of-home included an installation at the Purple People Bridge, bus wraps and posters at area malls.