St. Elizabeth

Healthy Eating Simplified



St. Elizabeth has been part of Northern Kentucky for over 150 years. The people who walk through their doors are more than patients – they’re neighbors, friends and family members.  As such, even more than a usual healthcare provider, St. E is committed to improving and safeguarding their community’s health.

An aspect that is often overlooked in healthcare is nutrition. Too often, choosing healthy food options falls off a busy to-do list and is perceived as less appealing than the easy, greasy food options. 

To help our community eat better, we began featuring simple and delicious recipes, such as the Easy Zucchini Noodle Salad. What better way to inspire healthy eating habits than to show our community an appetizing recipe that’s quick to make? 

The Easy Zucchini Noodle Salad launched at the end of April and was a huge hit. The bright colors and simple prep appealed to our audience so much so that our little local post made its way around the country. Here are the numbers:

  • Views: over 7.4 million
  • Shares: over 282,000
  • New Facebook Likes: 20,000+, moving us to a commanding first place in the market from a close third place
  • Most shared, most liked and most commented-on St. E social video


You might be thinking results like this have to be expensive, right?
Wrong. The communication was very cost-effective:

$0.007 cost per view; 1.92 CPM;
53% completion rate


Our approach leverages the trend in food videos. Tight shots that show the ease of the food preparation encourage viewers to feel confident that the recipe can be made easily and with good results. Since a high percentage of viewers have the sound off, we also made sure to use captions. 

Helping our community to simplify their lives with easy, healthy recipes is one of our goals for this social strategy. In the world of healthcare marketing where population health is a big focus, this is a simple step toward making Northern Kentucky a little healthier every day.