Western & Southern Financial Group

Navigating the Financial Lingo Labyrinth

After the nation’s economic stumble, many Americans struggled to find financial stability. As some of the hardest hit by the recession, middle-class folks were understandably anxious about what that entailed. They needed help getting back on their feet, and Western & Southern Financial Group needed help making it happen.

Everyone knows the importance of smart money management, but most of us can’t tell our assets from our ankles. With hundreds of financial terms, how is the average person supposed to keep up?

We tapped former Cincinnati Bengal and current NFL broadcaster Cris Collinsworth to “translate” financial jargon into practical advice. His straight-talking style and his experience clarifying a complicated game made him the perfect fit to familiarize finances.

Cris began popping up on posters, television spots and the Western & Southern website.

He guided customers through the labyrinth of financial lingo, encouraged them to recommend others, and even recruited new talent for the company.