White Castle

Giving customers a place to crave

White Castle came to us under siege. Sales of their signature sliders were slipping as big-budget burger brands conquered more and more of the market. How could we establish ourselves among industry leaders without breaking the bank?

We knew fans were already sharing their love online, so we decided to tap into their passion and collective power by providing a forum where these “Cravers” could assemble and publicly decree their loyalty to the little burger.

We encouraged participation

in all forms of digital media, from social sharing to the White Castle corporate website, as our Cravers became vocal brand advocates and craving became cool.

But Cravers are into more than just White Castle, so we made sure to steer conversations toward sports, gaming and various other subjects our fans care about. By actively participating in their world, we established ourselves as a buddy rather than a business.

The Cravers went crazy. 

White Castle coupons seeded on Facebook showed the highest redemption rates in company history. 

Fans flocked to the new Facebook page, resulting in over 200,000 likes
in less than a year. 

White Castle shot up to number two on the list of “Top 10 Chains With Highest Percentage of Active Fans” by “Nation’s Restaurant News.”